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The Palomar Team

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At Palomar Modular Buildings, we believe a team approach offers the best combination of specialized skills and expertise to deliver a successful project. Our experienced team includes managers with over 20 years of experience in the modular industry, business developers, estimators, project managers, technical service representatives, quality assurance personnel, construction managers, and site development specialists. Our manufacturing team includes experienced production managers, quality and safety officers, and a full-time permanent workforce of highly skilled tradesmen.

Palomarʼs tight organization encourages collaboration and dialogue between disciplines, and inspires a strong, responsive, lasting relationship with our clients. Because Palomar operates our own construction and manufacturing facility, all of our team members have hands-on practical knowledge of every phase of modular construction. This provides added value and efficiency during the planning and construction process, and ensures your project will be a success.

When you choose Palomar as your modular builder, you are choosing to work with a team of the top professionals in the industry. We are dedicated to providing our clients the best possible project, in an environment that promotes communication, cooperation, and an emphasis on quality and safety.

The Palomar Team can:

  • Deliver your building project faster and more cost-effectively than traditional site-built construction
  • Utilize our state-of-the-art modular manufacturing capabilities to monitor every aspect of production to ensure your project is on spec, on time and on budget
  • Meet todayʼs demand for sustainable buildings by working with our clients to improve energy efficiency, minimize waste, utilize sustainable materials, and/or achieve a projectʼs LEED certification requirements
  • Participate in Design/Build collaborations with architects, engineers, developers and planners
  • Utilize our accelerated modular construction system to ensure you will get the highest quality building and meet your projectʼs time and budget goals
  • Offer full-service design and construction services to take your project from idea to completion
  • Access the expertise and capacity of our manufacturing affiliate, Guerdon Enterprises, to expand our manufacturing capabilities to meet the demands of large projects
  • Offer our expertise in all uses of modular construction including: government, commercial office and retail space, healthcare, laboratories, multi-family housing, student housing, remote housing, dormitories, education, and classrooms