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About Palomar


Palomar may be a new name in the modular industry, but our seasoned team of professionals is one of the most experienced in the country. Our company was founded on the principle of fostering excellence, innovation, and integrity in modular construction, and is run by a team who has over 20 years experience in the commercial construction and modular building industry. We have worked together since 1989 as part of a predecessor company on millions of square feet of modular projects - from single classroom buildings and offices, to large-scale, multi-story government, commercial, healthcare, and education complexes.

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Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Desoto, Texas- along with our dedicated full-time workforce of skilled tradesmen and production managers- has produced hundreds of modular projects from the straightforward to the highly technical. Palomar is committed to providing outstanding value to our clients through developing industry-leading innovations in modular construction.

The benefits of modular construction include significant cost- and time-savings compared to traditional site-built construction, while providing a building of excellent value and quality. Furthermore, modular construction is inherently sustainable, and Palomar works closely with our clients to maximize energy efficiency, minimize waste, utilize sustainable materials, and meet LEED certification requirements.

As a direct manufacturer of modular buildings, Palomar has the added advantage of providing our clients with direct contact to the actual production plant where the building is manufactured, which is not possible through a modular dealer. Our Texas manufacturing facility serves the Central and Southwest regions of the United States, with an operation capable of producing over 7,500 square feet of space per day.

We are also pleased to have an affiliate relationship with Guerdon Enterprises, of Boise, Idaho- an industry leader in high-end, large-scale, and custom modular construction. Palomar works closely with Guerdon on similar and geographically-compatible projects. We consider this alliance to be a significant advantage for both companies as it doubles our production capacity for large projects, and extends our areas served into the Northwest, Canada, and Alaska. Together, Palomar and Guerdon can offer our clients an unsurpassed combination of expertise, excellence, and manufacturing capacity.

At Palomar, we believe the superior quality of our modular buildings, our extensive experience, our integrated team approach, our accelerated modular construction process, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and methods will deliver a project that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Products & Services

Palomar is capable of manufacturing, delivering and installing commercial-grade modular buildings ranging in size from 1,000 square feet to complexes over 200,000 square feet.

Markets Served

Federal, state, and local government, educational institutions, private and commercial businesses, healthcare organizations and student and multi-family housing throughout the Southwestern, Central and Western/Northwestern regions of the United States.  Based on the size of the project, our services can extend throughout the United States.

Position in the Industry

Palomar is a direct-manufacturer of commercial modular buildings.