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Manufacturing Capabilities

What sets Palomar and our manufacturing affiliate Guerdon apart from all the other members of the modular industry is their product innovation, advanced manufacturing facilities and a higher degree of automation.

Experience, Innovation & Focus on Quality

  • Steel: We own our own in-house steel shops.  This enables us to have a higher degree of control over the carrier structure that forms the basis of the entire flooring system.
  • Assembly Line:  We use an advanced “sideways moving” assembly line as opposed to the more traditional “elephant trunk” assembly line used by most of the industry's manufacturers.  This enables us to build separate modules side by side in the plant during the manufacturing process, ensuring our modules fit seamlessly together at the work site. This minimizes any time delays while promoting a smooth installation.  In addition, the system provides material flow from both sides of the line, increasing efficiency and throughput resulting in faster production times.
  • Materials: Despite the often “temporary” usage of modular buildings, we manufacture our buildings to have a useful life of over fifty years with minimal maintenance.  In addition, the companies enjoy best class purchasing contracts with national suppliers enabling us to provide a greater value on building materials.
  • Sub-Jig Layouts: The production system uses sub-jig layouts to ensure consistency in the various elements (including wall, floor and roof systems) that comprise the completed building modules.
  • Testing Systems: We perform in-plant testing on all plumbing and electrical systems. Again, this ensures a smooth installation process while minimizing time delays on-site.
  • Transportation: We own our own trucks or contract for all transportation of modular buildings, which allows us full control of delivery and project installation.  Our logistics management experience has taught us that transportation efficiency is critical to keep projects flowing smoothly.