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Palomars modular building manufacturing plants

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Our Manufacturing Advantage

Palomar Modular Buildings and manufacturing affiliate Guerdon Enterprises are direct-manufacturers of custom modular prefabricated commercial buildings. This means our clients buy factory direct buildings with no middleman expense. We are full-service design and modular construction firms capable of taking your project from idea to the finished building.  With project managers well-versed in all details of the construction process, we are able to assure greater control over production which ensures that schedules are met and expenses are controlled. 

The combined manufacturing capabilities of Palomar and our affiliate Guerdon is over 7,500 square feet of quality commercial buildings per factory per day. Our factories are located in DeSoto, Texas, and Boise, Idaho, respectively.  These factories at full production employ over 250 skilled tradesmen, engineers, project managers, supervisors and business development specialists each.

Palomar Modular Buildings and our affiliate Guerdon Enterprises Manufacturing Environments Give Client Projects Distinct Advantages:

  • More controlled conditions for weather, quality control, improved supervision of labor, easier access to  tools, and fewer material deliveries
  • Fewer job site environmental impacts because of reductions in material waste, air and water pollution, dust and noise, and overall energy costs
  • Compressed project schedules that result from changing the sequence of work flow allowing for the assembly of components off-site while foundations are being poured on-site
  • Fewer conflicts in work crew scheduling and better sequencing of finish-out tasks.
  • Reduced requirement for on-site materials storage and fewer losses or misplacement of materials.