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Benefits of Modular Construction

Cost, Speed and Relocatability

  • Built in a fraction of the time vs. traditional construction
  • Site preparation occurs concurrently with manufacturing
  • Significant cost savings are achieved through modular construction,  more than 20% for most projects
  • Materials are purchased in bulk
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  • Factory labor is more efficient and less costly than subcontractor site labor
  • Plant and setup work are excluded from wage rates
  • Work is performed in controlled production environment
  • Weather does not impact production
  • Process-oriented construction is more efficient
  • Our construction crews are composed of employees who work in teams under proven plant leadership
  • Unlike traditional builders, we do not ramp up or down with local staff to build our buildings.
  • Site installation of building and finish out is completed in weeks, not months.
  • Our skilled tradesmen are a permanent part of the Palomar team.

Palomar modular buildings are relocatable and adaptable to almost any site location including areas with limited accessibility. Buildings are portable regardless of temporary/permanent installation. Our buildings can be acquired with short term operating leases and as a permanent purchase.