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Direct manufacturer modular buildings for oil and gas industries.


Petrochemical, Mining, & Remote Housing

Office & Administrative Buildings . Zone II Buildings . Camp Style Facilities

Call Today to find out how Palomar can help you with your Workforce Housing and Industrial Man Camp Needs.

Palomar  Modular Buildings and our manufacturing affiliate Guerdon Enterprises have manufacturing plant capacity that can be used to support the natural resource development needs of a wide variety of companies. Our accelerated construction and delivery methods are well-suited for:

  • Commercial Construction Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Remote Housing Industry

Our building systems may be assembled to meet any need. Our modular methodology has a proven track record for strength and is capable of withstanding hurricane force winds  including our:

  • Office and Administrative Buildings: High quality office space for placement at or in any facility.
  • Zone II Buildings: Building system for placement at the Zone I/II Boundary as defined in API RP 753.  This building will provide a safe working environment (can withstand 1.0 psi pressure wave) and increase productivity due to its proximity within the plant.
  • Man Camp Facilities: Complexes suited for remote area use/placement to reduce transportation time and lodging expenses, including: Sleeping Quarters, Offices, Dining Facilities , Kitchens, Bath/Ablution Units , Training Buildings, Recreation Buildings, Worship Facilities and Medical Facilities