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Modular Building Construction

Modular Uses

Call Today to find out how Palomar can help you with your Workforce Housing and Industrial Man Camp Needs.

Modular construction can serve the need of any industry, from Education to Government, for high quality built facilities that are able to be completed with a much faster turn-around time and with greater savings than traditional construction.

The shortened construction schedule that Palomar Modular Buildings can achieve with our factory construction process ensures earlier occupancy than traditional site-built construction. With ever-changing needs across all industries, modular construction makes it possible to have uninterrupted service during construction, expansion, and renovation, along with buildings that can be easily relocated to accommodate growth when required. 


Palomar, along with our manufacturing affiliate Guerdon Enterprises, ensures a direct-manufacturing capability with:

  • Turn-key service and flexible financing
  • National teams dedicated to specific industries with experienced professionals
  • Safety both on-site and off-site as a number one priority
  • Reduced construction time to completion
  • Reduced site disruption, noise, and waste
  • A faster ROI by gaining early occupancy in the facility
  • More environmentally sustainable building projects

Whether you are planning a permanent or temporary addition to your existing building or a new construction project, a Palomar modular building project can have 90% of the construction work done in the factory and reduce the time to completion over traditional methods by 30-50%.

Commercial Modular Buildings Modular Classrooms and Schools Portable Buildings Modular Healthcare and Medical Buildings Student and Multi-Family Modular Buildings


This time lapse video shows how a Palomar modular building can be easily and quickly assembled within an existing campus, block or complex with minimal site disruption. Facades can be designed to match or complement existing buildings, and exterior and interior finish-out can be completed on-site (as in this project) or off-site in the factory to accommodate your individual project requirements