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Custom Modular Buildings

What is Modular Construction?

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Modular Construction is a resource-efficient, off-site delivery method to construct code-compliant buildings in a quality-controlled factory setting. 

Prefabricated, prefab, factory-built, modular: All these words refer to the same process of manufacturing a building off-site and installing it on-site. The modular construction process offers design and planning flexibility: it can be either temporary or permanent, small or large, contemporary or traditional, single-story or multi-story, an individual building, or multiple buildings arranged in a complex or campus. Modular construction creates a high quality building projec, built to all applicable codes in far less time than traditional site-built construction, with ‘green’ consideration in terms of sustainable building materials, labor efficiency, reduced waste, reduced site disruption, and reduced transportation emissions.

View this video, produced by our primary manufacturing affiliate, Guerdon Enterprises, to understand the process, coordination, and speed of a typical modular building project on-site installation.

Watch our video on the ESD Office Building Installation

Palomar’s modular construction method provides:

Controlled construction facilities in the factory

  • Production techniques that create ‘accelerated’ construction
  • More controlled conditions for weather, resulting in fewer delays
  • Material quality maintained in a secure environment
  • Permanent, skilled workforce with extensive training
  • Improved supervision of labor
  • Easier access to tools and fewer material deliveries
  • Assembly of building components off-site while permits are being processed and site preparation is taking place
  • Reduced on-site disruption- The last phase of the modular construction process is setting the modules on site, followed by the final finish-out of the interior and exterior of your building