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Why Modular is Green

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Modular construction is an environmentally-conscious choice for the construction industry.  Modular construction is inherently more sustainable than traditional site-built construction due to:

  • Minimal waste due to precise material accounting, measurement, and recycling       
  • Reduced environmental pollutants from transportation and construction materials          
  • Shorter build time 
  • Use of certain materials and components that are Energy-Star, Green Seal, FSC-certified along with other appropriate sources. 
  • Buildings  almost completely reusable and designed for that purpose, if desired.
  • Minimal site disruption


LEED® Certified Projects

Palomar and our manufacturing affiliate Guerdon aspire to be the leaders in providing LEED (R)certified modular projects. Modular construction offers a unique opportunity to combine the sustainable practices and materials inherent in the modular process with today’s emphasis on green construction methods and healthier buildings. We have access to LEED® accredited professionals to work with you to identify and incorporate the elements needed within your project to meet the LEED® certification requirements under the following categories:

  • Energy and Atmosphere
  • Materials and Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Innovation and Design
  • Regional Priority