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Large Modular Project Capabilities

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Palomar Modular Buildings and our manufacturing affiliate, Guerdon Enterprises, are leaders in both permanent and temporary large-scale  accelerated modular construction projects.  Projects in the 30,000 to 200,000 SF+ range can be factory-built. We have the ability to evaluate and handle the demands of large scale modular building projects.  Our experience in managing and implementing these large projects forms the backbone of our companies’ expertise and large project management approach. What might take years to build with traditional construction methods will take only months with our accelerated modular construction methods.

Every building is rigorously design-engineered to meet your needs.  The process can be highly complex and technically demanding.  In order to be successful when embarking on a large modular construction project, Palomar has identified five areas critical to the success of these large projects:  

  • Knowledge of the Work Content: All parties – the client, the manufacturer, and the subcontractors – are informed and kept on track about the sequencing of each element of the project.
  • Focus Maintained on the Pace:  Project management has strict programs to assure time savings in the complexities of the project.
  • Manufacturing Process Maximized:  Manufacturing as much as possible in the factory creates the greatest time and value savings.
  • Site Management Excellence: Experienced internal and subcontractor resources capable of meeting the project schedule are utilized to achieve the standards of quality imperative to the success of the project.
  • Accurate and Timely Coordination: With constantly fluctuating elements in a large building project, it is essential that the large project team maintain accurate and timely coordination of all information along with design and schedule adjustments.
  • Modular Uses: Palomar's industry professionals have large project expertise in the areas of commercial, government, education, healthcare, student housing and military sectors. These projects can be designed and engineered to meet LEED (R) certification requirements if required.