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Temporary or Permanent Modular Construction

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Modular construction is a process, not a product. Whether for temporary or permanent application, the building is built in three-dimensional sections (or modules) in a controlled production environment to your specifications. While your building is being manufactured, site development teams can be prepping the site, installing foundations and bringing in utilities. This results in increased efficiency and a significantly shortened construction schedule.

Temporary Modular Buildings

Need fast and affordable space? Temporary modular buildings can be the solution for start-up schools or businesses, remote locations, unexpected enrollment increases, temporary programs that require additional office space, new test markets, relief after natural disasters and swing space during construction or renovation. All of our temporary prefabricated buildings are built to code and use commercial materials.  Palomar can solve any of your space challenges quickly and affordably.

Permanent Modular Buildings

Why use modular construction for your permanent building project? Again, modular construction is a process, not a product. Palomar's permanent modular buildings are built to the same codes using the same construction materials as traditional site-built buildings. The buildings can be any size, shape, or configuration and built to your specifications. Palomar's accelerated modular construction methodology ensures that time and cost savings are maximized throughout the building process.