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Modular building design services.

Palomar Services

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Our experienced and professional team offers a variety of services to take our clients smoothly through the entire construction process from start to finish. Early in the project, we explore all the options for the intended use of space so that our team will create the most optimal floorplan to assure creativity in the design, incorporation of energy-efficient and sustainable design principles, and the most cost-effective use of materials. This process- along with exploring flexible financing options in the beginning stages of the project- make modular construction an appealing choice through purchase, lease or lease-to-own options.

Palomar and Guerdon Service Capabilities

  • In-house Project Management: We work as the general contractor for your project to ensure a smooth process that manages everything from the initial design engineering to the finish-out work on-site.
  • Turnkey Construction Services: We make it easy for our clients by taking charge of all aspects of construction, thus making it a turnkey process resulting in quick and easy occupancy.
  • Technical Services: Our design and industry expertise and our professional partners will provide you with the support you need to achieve visual appeal and efficient space design, saving both time and money.
  • Permit Expediting: We have a thorough knowledge of all permits that are required to get the job done to keep your project timeline on track.
  • Technological Services: Our team of service professionals will work with you to assess all data communications, fire safety, and security features needed for your building.
  • On-Site Support Services: All aspects of on-site work required to prepare your site are covered- from paving and excavating, to parking, planning, landscaping and grading ideas.
  • Building Codes Assurance: Our modular buildings meet or exceed all applicable local, state and national building codes and standards.